​Why Should I Fast?

Thursday, August 30, 2018


As some of you may know, as a church are going through 21 days of prayer and fasting. This is something we do a couple of times in the year, and I must say that it is always a blessing.

Did you know fasting is mentioned over 70 times in the Bible?

Here are some examples and reasons why people have fasted.

We can fast to seek God’s intervention. (2 Samuel 12:15-17)

Here we see that David fasted when his son became ill. He was asking for God to intervene. Therefore, we can also follow David’s example and fast when someone we know is ill.We can also fast when we are seeking someone’s salvation.

We can fast seeking safety. (Ezra 8:21)

In Ezra 8:21 we see that the prophet Ezra proclaimed a fast in order for all the people to humble themselves and seek protection as they were facing a hazardous journey.

We can fast when facing spiritual warfare. (Mark 9:29)

In Mark 9:29 we read that Jesus instructed His disciples to fast when facing spiritual warfare.

The question that I come across a lot during this time is; “Why should I fast?”The short answer is that fasting prepares you for the works God has ordained for you to do.

Firstly we must have the right attitude when fasting, we don’t fast to lose weight, although that is an added bonus. “A fast is not a hunger strike. Fasting submits to God’s commands.” - Edwin Louis Cole

So why do we fast? We fast because its a Christian discipline that helps us grow closer to God and hear from Him clearly.

Knowing these reasons and the benefits of fasting the question then is; Why do Christians for the most part neglect this discipline?

For the most part, we neglect to fast out of ignorance. Sad to say but a lot of churches neglect to teach about it. Therefore, a lot of Christians simply haven't been taught about the blessings that fasting brings when we seek God in this way.

There is an excellent book by Dr. Bill Bright, the founder of Campus Crusade for Christ titled “Why You Should Fast,” it’s a good resource to have if you want to learn more about this beautiful discipline.

My prayer for you is that you don’t miss out on this opportunity to experience the blessings that come with fasting and prayer.Will it be challenging? Yes, but it will be worth it as you'll be able to grow in your relationship with God and experience first hand all He has for you.


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