Thy Kingdom Come

Thursday, February 22, 2018

This may come as a surprise to some but taking a Groupon pottery class to make my incredibly gifted and artistically skilled girlfriend happy didn’t get me many brownie points. If I'm being honest what should have been a romantic date for us ended up being a mess. The main reason was that my pride was getting the best of me. You see, this class included an instructor and the instructor was to assist us on the pottery wheel. I won't get into much detail but the clay making process is almost equivalent to brain surgery.  

The instructor gave us directions and we were to follow them. I struggled with each demand and it was obvious. My girlfriend noticed and asked to help. My pride kicked in and told her help wasn’t needed because I got it under control. More clay flying everywhere and trying to stay in control caused my girlfriend to extend help once more. This time I surrendered and allowed her to take control of my clay and help me make something decent.

You see my girlfriend has an art degree specializing in pottery - this is not new to her. She is better and more skilled than I am. Once I let go of control and surrendered, she turned my clay into a masterpiece. She created something greater than I ever could. God wants to do the same in your life! We are clay on a wheel and we can try to shape ourselves but until we surrender our kingdom and lives for His we will never become the masterpiece he intended for us to be.

Thy Kingdom Come is a simple, yet powerful prayer. Jesus gave us an example of how to pray in Matthew 6:5-13. As you read it we see this is the best and most correct kind of prayer. A prayer that has a passion for God’s glory and agenda. It is a prayer that puts His powerful name, kingdom, and will before our needs and wants.

Let us be a generation that is more focused on the name of Jesus rather than building our own name and reputation. There is an inner struggle to surrender to His will because we do not believe that what God has for us is better than what we can do for ourselves. But just like my clay story, the longer we try to build our own kingdoms the messier they become. It will not be until we surrender and pray thy kingdom come that we will start to see our best lives lived out. A thy kingdom come prayer isn’t about God turning to you, it's about you turning to God! God is ready to open incredible doors of blessing and purpose but it starts when we pray for His will instead of our wants!

Jesus, before He faced the cross, was praying in the Mount of Olives. He was so stressed He was sweating drops of blood. He knew the cross would be painful, He knew the suffering to come, and the horror ahead yet He chose to say “Father… not my will, but yours be done.” He surrendered to the will of His father and was used to bring salvation to all humanity. God wants to bless your life. Choose to pray thy kingdom come, thy will be done, and watch your life be forever changed.


Author: Phil M.




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