Ten Influences A Leader Needs

Thursday, May 03, 2018

In my search for ways to get better at being a leader, I’ve tried to look at other leaders that are making an impact. I’ve read biographies, listened to podcast and interviews and I've noticed that most of the leaders that are innovators in their field have certain traits in common. One of those traits is the fact that they all have influencers they look up to.

I recently heard one of those leaders, Pastor Brian Houston, challenge us to identify ten influencers in our lives that we can say enhance our leadership capabilities. He not only defined what he felt are the essential traits, but he asked us to put a name next to each trait. And that is what I will challenge you to do also. As you read the list, identify a person in your life that fits that role. As I did this exercise it made me realize that as leaders that old adage of “It’s lonely at the top” is not really applicable.

So here we go, 10 influencers every leader needs.

1. A companion that stands with you.

Everyone needs a companion that will stand by us. We all need a someone that will lift us up. For me, it’s my wife. She is an encourager in my life. When my wife and I are hitting it on all cylinders, we are a force to be noticed. Who is that person in your life?

2. A mentor who loves you.

As leaders, we have to have someone that we admire and respect. Someone that has gone before us and has blazed a trail. whose shoulders we can stand on. This preferably someone who we have a relationship with and who loves us.

3. A friend that is truthful.

This is a difficult one. In order for this to work, we must be able to receive feedback even when IT is negative. We need to give a friend permission to speak truth to us, as unpleasant as that truth may be. Be bold enough to ask for feedback and not get defensive when you receive it.

4. A network that is healthy.

This simply means friends and peers that are healthy and a positive influence. Positive people that will speak encouragement to us and inspire us. Be cautious and keep your distance from those who have hidden agendas. Some people will network to see what they can get out of you.

5. A team that completes you.

Don’t be a lone ranger. Look for people that are on the same page as you, that have caught the vision and are willing to move that vision forward. Make sure you complete each other and not compete against each other.

6. A faith that is enduring.

Someone that is a compass in your life, who you can look to as an example when you're facing struggles.

7. Input that improves you.

We have to stay teachable. I recently read this quote, “You learn nothing from life if you think you are right all the time.” Look for ways to improve yourself and get better at your craft. Listen to podcasts, read books,

8. A hero that inspires you.

We've all heard the question, who is that one person that you would like to have dinner with? Think about this.

9. A sphere that fires you.

This is that one person or people that when you get around them it gets you dreaming.

10. An environment that inspires you.

Surround yourself with an environment that will encourage your growth. People that are invested in you.

These are the list of 10 influences that every leader should have. This challenged me and I hope it challenges you to find those people in your life.


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