Urgent vs. Important

It's a new year and the opportunities are endless! Our hearts and minds are filled wit ..

Jan 26. 2017

We are One

On a message titled “We are one”, Pastor Sagot questioned us if are we matching w ..

May 02. 2016

Strong on the Inside

This past Sunday we heard a message titled "Strong on the Inside", Out of Ephesians 3: ..

Apr 24. 2016

Dead & Gone

We started a new series “Design Born for More”… We all love our person ..

Apr 04. 2016

I Will Not Lose

Has a wave hit you so hard that you feel helpless, lost or confused?.....Humanity ..

Mar 31. 2016

Just Know

What happens when we have high expectations and they are broken? When we think God is  ..

Mar 22. 2016

Get Margin Even when

Get Margin Even When….(Acts 16: 19-31) For many of us, it’s good to fi ..

Mar 09. 2016

Fresh Oil

Our daily lives are full of so many activities that we don’t have space for God.W ..

Feb 29. 2016

Empty Hands

This past Sunday Pastor Sagot brought us a message titled “Empty Hands”. (See Philippi ..

Feb 28. 2016

No Words Needed

Pastor John Gray joined the Calvary family this past weekend with a message title ..

Jan 24. 2016