Seeing Me Through God’s Eyes

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Have you ever met someone based on curiosity rather than introduction? Although it’s not necessarily unusual, it can be awkward. The power of this story, however, is not how to make acquaintance with a stranger, but becoming personally acquainted with oneself. The "me" I live with awakened my interest and evoked my curiosity. The individual in me who seemed a bit controversial often surprised me. And the older I got, the more curious I was to know her. I eventually gave high priority to what became the necessity rather than my curiosity.

New and Unfamiliar

Digging deep to find what I'm looking for was never a problem for me. As a child, I loved to read illustrated books with colorful pictures. I had a keen fascination with images and formed a broader story than the text provided by looking deeper. However, my present interest to discover more about myself was new and unfamiliar. I soon realized there is more to our actions than we can analyze just by keeping tabs on our responses. Merriam-Webster's definition of Self-discovery is - 'The act or process of achieving self-knowledge. 'My deep excavation, however, required more profound knowledge of who I was created to be to understand who I had become, and why.

The Primary Authority

My prayer emphasis slowly transpired from fervent intercession to desperate requests for God to search my soul. My desire to be clean before God had become more significant than being used by God. I soon discovered in this engaging pursuit, how differently God viewed me from how I saw myself. Seeking God as my primary source of self-knowledge brought a new light on a weighty subject. Through the Spirit of God and the Word of God, my high-spirited goal for self-discovery began to look like a 'works-oriented' effort. God's Word is the primary authority for knowledge and understanding of who we are created to be. I soon began to see me through God's eyes, and needed a new set of lens to see clearly what God sees!

Considerable Input!

There was more listening during my times of prayer than talking. The Spirit of God expounded the Word of God, and the life of the scriptures was now more personal than ever. Romans 8:28 -30 was an eye-opener about being chosen to become Christ-like, and my purpose on this side of eternity. This was a considerable input! I could no longer focus on being disappointed with my decisions because I wasn't sure why I had made them. The Scripture in Romans beautifully affirmed me in my journey. I could now see myself being carried instead of being too loaded with flaws for God to use. I recognized God establishing me in what He had called me to do, and my purpose was being fulfilled through His establishment.

My Allotted Authority

My excavation process has now become an exciting mix of trust and surrender. Instead of critically examining the inevitable weakness even in my best efforts, I embrace God's strength, which is made available to me during the tough challenges. The most revealing element of my 'new sight' is seeing the victory in the end results of God's purpose for me. I realize I don't have to experience it to believe it. The trust and surrender aspect of my new vision is allowing me to let go and let God help me change what needs to be replaced and to love what He wants to remain. As children of God, we have been allotted authority to claim what's rightfully ours. Jesus Christ has paid for our redemption. And although I thought I knew that, it took a paradigm shift and new lens to get me to exercise my claim of redemption.

Take Your Eyes to a Higher Level

My challenge to the readers of my story is to take your eyes to a higher level. Don't focus on what you have been redeemed from embrace what you are called to, and the purpose of your redemption. Romans 8:38 tells us nothing can put a wedge between God’s love and us. "No power in the sky above or in the earth below - indeed, nothing in all creation will ever be able to separate us from the love of God that is revealed in Christ Jesus our Lord."


Author: Arlene H.


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