Killing The Critic

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Have you ever seen the Disney movie Inside Out? I honestly believe that that is the perfect depiction of what goes on inside of my head. I have mini me’s inside of a control room telling me what to do, think, and say. You see, for some strange reason, I tend to believe that I need to comment on everything whether out loud or in my head.

I struggle with having a critical spirit and I know having a critical spirit probably seems like the norm to most of us because we grew up with that all around us but that doesn’t make it okay. I grew up with people all around me commenting on what I said and did. That was normal, but recently, I’ve been able to see how damaging my critical spirit has been to me. It separates me from the people around me. My critical spirit is a result of what I’m lacking in my own life. I’ve been trying to compensate for my shortcoming with bringing the shortcomings of others into the light. In reality, I’m dealing with deeper issues of jealousy, anger, or sadness and for some reason being critical has always temporarily helped me ignore those feelings.

I’ve been on the journey to stop those thoughts and changing my mindset. These are the two ways that I’ve been challenging myself to step out of that critical mindset.

Continuous prayer.

I know prayer is a “well duh”, but let me tell you the power that I have seen in prayer. When I’m praying for my critical spirit, it’s not just that God will remove those thoughts but that God will replace them with thoughts that are pleasing to Him. This has helped to not focus on the negative, but to see the positive. I desire to see the world and people the way that God sees them. This can be challenging at times when the thoughts in my head are at war with each other. Recognizing this tendency has helped me become aware of the love that I need to show others. Showing grace and allowing people to be themselves and loving them through their whatever is what I desire to do because I know that’s what I need. But just as we need to show grace towards others, we need to show grace towards ourselves as we’re on this journey to kill the critic in our minds.

Make myself aware of my thinking.

As I go through my day, I tend to catch myself commenting on things in my head. I’ll begin to write out a text to my best friend about something that someone did or said and catch myself being critical and allowing the desire to gossip take over. When I allow myself to dwell on negative thoughts, I also allow other negative behaviors to sprout from that. It’s not an easy task to make yourself aware of your wrong thinking and to actually change it but it’s something that has helped me so much with being critical.

As I begin to notice the critic inside of me, I’ve become more aware of the intentions behind my thoughts and opinions. The enemy uses these thoughts to bring division and break relationships. Being critical can cause us to separate ourselves from the very same community that God is pushing us towards.

Above all, keep loving one another earnestly, since love covers a multitude of sins. 1 Peter 4:8


Author: Jasmine O.


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