I Got Baptized, Now What?

Thursday, October 04, 2018


After years of walking with Christ this past Sunday, I got baptized. I had finally decided to take this important step in my life. I had been baptized as a child and I didn’t feel like I needed to get baptized again, but after taking Growth Track, I came to realize that baptism is an outward declaration of an inward transformation and this was a choice I wanted to make for myself because God has been so good to me.

The very next day after being baptized, all my family and friends were asking me how I felt. I wasn’t sure what they expected me to say; maybe that I had a new sense of joy or freedom. The truth was that I was feeling as joyful and free as I had been feeling before. I think the reason why my reaction was different was because I had already been taking the steps that many new believers take after getting baptized.I started serving on the photography team; I would come to Flourish and Team Night as well as service every Sunday. I joined a connect group. I started meeting new people and building amazing friendships with other believers. I was thinking less of myself and more about how I could help others. I had people who kept me accountable in my walk and relationship with Christ.

Baptism isn’t something we “need” to do, it's something we get to do and I finally understood that. Jesus didn’t need to get baptized but He chose to do it as an act of obedience. Jesus led by example and He didn’t just stop doing great things for His kingdom after, He kept serving others. So you got baptized, now what? The bible tells us to be the hands and feet of Jesus to the world. Get connected, serve others and keep seeking God with all your heart daily.


Author: Valeria A.



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