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Thursday, September 27, 2018

Creativity is God’s stamp on your life that says you are a problem solver and an idea-breeder. Each one of us is a creative. How do I know this? God created the heavens and the earth (Genesis 1:1) out of nothing. This same Creator made us in his image and likeness. Therefore, if we are image-of-God-bearers, don’t we all then possess the ability to be creatives? Now, what can you do to access that innate skill within you? More importantly, how can you seek inspiration when you have come to a creative block? Here are four ways to re-inspire yourself.

1. Create perpetually.

Creativity is a gift that needs to be exercised. Like a muscle, your creativity will be toned and strengthened the more you use it. Once creating becomes a regular part of your life, all the “bad” ideas come flooding out to make way for the “good ideas. One of my creative outlets happens to be songwriting. A mentor of mine taught me to start and finish songs just for the good practice of starting and finishing songs. Whether they were singable or terrible, I needed to finish them to know. It also doesn’t hurt to change your medium and try something new that interests you, just don’t stop creating.

2. Find a mentor.

One of the best ways to perpetuate creativity with some guidance is to seek a mentor, someone who is further along in your creative field and can guide and disciple you in the area. Surround yourself with people who inspire you. There should be no shortage of inspiration in your immediate environment, especially if you’re actively expressing yourself through a creative outlet. If you’re trying to create music, get around musicians. If you want to start blogging, reach out to a local blogger and ask for some wisdom. This is why nights like Team Night exist; you can gravitate toward people who understand your craft and may know far more than you on the subject. If you find yourself in a room where you are the “best” in your field or craft, you need to step into a new room. Also consider an indirect mentor, someone you can become a student of through research. Watch tutorials, read Do-It-Yourself articles, watch videos of worship leaders from around the world, listen to sermons or public speeches, etc. Keep in mind that these creative resources aren’t for imitation but for inspiration.

3. Collaborate.

Collaborate with your mentors or creative groups who share your interests. Just as we are called to live in community, I believe we’re called to create in community. There’s a natural flow of ideas when you find creative chemistry with someone; it can make the experience smoother and more enjoyable. Also, submitting an idea or project, even half-finished, to a pair of trustworthy, fresh eyes will yield a fresh perspective. I submitted a “finished” song to my mentor and, after he moved the parts around and changed some of the melodies, it was brand new and a much better song. Create with someone else; where your ideas end, theirs might begin.

4. Step away and pray.

There is nothing that can refresh our mind like the Holy Spirit. When you’re stuck on an idea or can’t seem to think of anything new to create, its might be time to step away for days or even weeks at a time and let yourself be refreshed. During this time, ask the Lord to give you new eyes, new direction, and a fresh activation of your spiritual gifts. Since your creativity comes directly from our Creator, take it back to Him and ask Him to revitalize it.

If you’re afraid to start creating or you’re stuck in a creative rut, try any combination of these four points and see how they work for you. To indulge in your innate ability to create is to glorify the One who put it there. Have fun!


Author: Lauren L.


Michele commented on 05-Oct-2018 09:12 AM
Good morning. I believe you may have been the worship leader who sang at Team Night. If you there anyway you can tell me the name of the song you sang about “God could have saved us in a minute but instead He sent a child”... that’s all I remember.
Your worship was beautifully contagious.
Thank you.
Lauren commented on 03-Jan-2019 01:13 PM
Hi Michelle! Not sure if this reply will get to you, but that song is called "Seasons" by Hillsong Worship. It's one of the most powerful anthems I've gotten to sing over my own life recently, so glad we could worship to it together that night. Thank you!

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