Extreme Makeover

Thursday, March 15, 2018

I love to watch the television show Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. To hear some of the stories from these families in dire need and then to see the makeover crew completely renovate their house, is incredible. But can you imagine if a family decided to turn them away instead? Ty Pennington shows up and asks, “Are you ready for your extreme makeover?” An entire crew ready to do all the work, completely paid for and the response is no.How crazy would that sound?! Too often when we, as Christians, are faced with an opportunity for a spiritual makeover, we respond to God in the same way - No, I’ll just stay how I am. 

In the book of John, you see a man who, for 38 years, had been an invalid. He laid by the pool of Bethesda, waiting for his chance to dip into the healing waters. When Jesus saw the invalid, he asked him, “Do you want to be made well?” What an interesting question to ask a man who was paralyzed for such a long time. The obvious answer is Yes, of course, I want to be made well! However as I studied this scripture, I understood why Jesus even asked him this. In those days, many were sick and cast out but would choose not to be made well because their sores gave them a reason to beg and remain idle – they were comfortable in their pain and it became the norm. I love what Jesus says next “Get up! Pick up your mat and walk!” Again, a strange command is given to a man who had been long disabled, unable to move his own body, but Jesus bypassed helping the man into the healing waters – the only logical option – and told him to do the impossible. It was in this moment where the man had a choice – he could choose to keep to his norm and stay as an invalid or he could choose the impossible – to get up and walk.

The Merriam – Webster Definition of the word restoration is “a bringing back to a former position or condition.” All throughout scriptures, you find passages of people filled with sickness, that are now restored – brought back to their original condition – even still, so many people chose not to be healed. God gives us the same opportunity to be made whole, yet often times we find ourselves complacent or comfortable in our pain. Entering into a season of restoration can be daunting – it may even seem impossible, but I believe God is asking us to position ourselves in the impossible by faith.

If we are willing to be made whole, the work is half done - for Christ is willing to heal, if we are willing to be healed.

Whether in the area of relationships, a broken marriage, a past full of sin and shame, the same question remains – do you want to be made well?Jesus is standing on our doorstep with a renovation crew ready to bring our souls back to its original condition – completely whole and pure – we just have to decide to say yes.

It was not the man’s physical ability that enabled him to get up; it was in the moment he decided to get up, that God healed his body.

My prayer for the church is that our response to Jesus would be filled with hope. Believing that, even though this season may look impossible, Jesus will restore all of our brokenness.


Author: Heather R.





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