Character Building

Thursday, August 16, 2018

Building character, that sounds so empowering and exciting. At times we desire to want to build our character, but building our character is not something that happens overnight or all of a sudden. It develops over time. Many of us think that our character is shaped mainly in difficult times but the reality is it's being shaped daily in everything that we do.

About a year ago I ventured out into leaving my full-time job to strongly pursue my business. This was a decision I made after a lot of prayer and planning. I was excited for this new chapter of my life yet I knew it would not be easy. I now no longer had a boss, a set schedule or deadlines I had to meet but as my journey as a business owner began I realized I needed to give myself structure. In this simple act I was developing my character by setting standards for myself and following through, and if I didn’t I was the only person I had to answer to. These are the moments in my life where my character is being shaped and I get to decide which form it will take. Character is not just formed in our jobs but in everyday life as well. The reality is maybe it’s easier for some of us to have a more developed character in large areas of our lives, like our jobs and family structure, but how about in the insignificant things? This past week I went to do groceries, and I found myself unloading my grocery cart into my trunk as I usually do. Once I was done I looked up and realized there were shopping carts all over the parking lot. At that moment I realized how so many of us -myself included- tend to leave our shopping carts somewhere in the parking lot; instead of walking over to the designated section where the carts should be dropped off. This seems so insignificant, it doesn’t hurt anyone and it’s more convenient for the customer, but the reality is there is a purpose for the designated area to leave the shopping carts. It makes it easier for the employee to collect all the carts, to make them accessible to customers at the front of the store. It also helps prevent the carts from rolling away and possibly hitting a car. So, I decided to walk over and drop off my cart.

Character is more than just actions seen or justified by others its decisions we make that are good and beneficial not only to ourselves but to the world around us. Jesus was the ultimate servant, in Mark 10:45 Jesus tells everyone: "the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve." Despite having the authority to get anything He wanted, He did the exact opposite by lowering himself and serving others. Jesus is a great example of a man with great character. He chose to die on the cross for our sins, when He could have saved himself, no one would have judged him. He didn’t commit any of the crimes he was being crucified for. He was God, he could have saved himself from all the pain, yet he chose to take on the sin of the world to save us. I pray that day-by-day God will give me the desire and awareness to make choices that will shape my character to reflect that of Jesus.


Author: Valeria A.


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