5 Ways To Love Yourself

Thursday, October 25, 2018

One of the greatest struggles in life is the struggle to accept and love ourselves, with all our shortcomings and imperfections. This can be extremely tough, but why? Because more often than not we simply don’t believe that we are worthy and lovable. Instead, we believe the negative voice inside our head that whispers messages of self-doubt and focuses on our shortcomings, rather than on our strengths. 

To me, loving yourself is the very first step to living a positive and present life. If you can’t love yourself, you’re going to have a hard time truly loving those around you and enjoying the life you’re living. However, loving yourself is no easy task sometimes. It actually takes discipline, intentionality, and work. That is why I’ve come up with five ways you can start loving yourself right now.

1. Don’t compare yourself to others - comparing doesn’t accomplish anything.

I can only think of two things that come out of comparing, and in my opinion, they are not positive. If we compare ourselves with someone that is ahead of us in the journey, we can get discouraged or become jealous or both. We can also become bitter and start looking for ways to criticize and disparage the person we are comparing ourselves to. If we compare ourselves to someone who is behind us in the journey, we become full of pride and start having a smug attitude. We begin to think we are better. As you can see comparison is a lose-lose situation. Let’s stay away from it. Instead, relish in the fact that you are unique with your own set of skills and talents. Focus on them and become the best you can be.

2. Take good care of your body, after all, it is the only one you got.

We can’t make an impact or help others if we don’t first help ourselves. A key to doing this is by taking care of our bodies. How do we do this? By taking an inventory right now. Yes right now! Ask yourself these questions: What am I eating? How much sleep do I get every night? How am I managing my stress levels? Am I getting enough exercise?

If you are not happy with any of the answers, then make it a point to do something about it. Here are some suggestions:

Start by eating healthy

Drink plenty of water

Get at least seven hours of sleep every night

Manage your stress

Get some sort of exercise at least five times a week.

3. Take up a hobby.

Find out what you're passionate about and once you do, make the decision to do whatever is in your power to attain it. Don’t be afraid to take risks. Hobbies allow for creative freedom and help us put our energy into something.

4. Forgive yourself.

Sometimes we don’t love ourselves because we’re stuck in the past.

Our past might have been a rough one. We might have done and said things we’re not proud of, things that have hurt others. I understand that, but right now there is nothing we can do about that. We must learn to forgive ourselves. We need to take responsibility for our actions, learn from our mistakes, make amends if we need to, and then move forward. When we stay stuck in the past and don’t forgive ourselves, it’s like looking in the rear view mirror while we’re driving;sooner or later we will hit something.

5. Surround yourself with people that treat you with kindness and respect.

I’ve heard it said that we are the average of the five closest people to us. Who are those in your life? Do they love and respect you? Or do they constantly belittle and criticize you? Look for the former and detach from the latter ones. Remember, relationships should be uplifting and encouraging.

Well, there you have it, I’ve been practicing these five ways to love myself and it has helped me. Learn them and apply them, you’ll be glad you did!


Author: JP



Author: JP




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